My name is Abi Daker and I’m an artist and illustrator from the UK who currently works from a beautiful hillside studio in Paphos, Cyprus. My work has been heavily influenced by my travels and my experiences of living abroad. I am fascinated by the landscape and much of my artwork is focused around the relationship between human society and the physical world.

I am regularly commissioned to create illustrated maps for clients and the majority of my work tends to focus on cities or countries that are vastly different from my current home. This blog is a place for me to post sketches I make in and around Cyprus. Unfortunately these days I don’t get as much time as I would like to go out sketching, so this site is a little neglected. For more regular updates, visit www.illustratedmaps.info or take a look at my portfolio site www.abigaildaker.com

If you are interested in seeing my professional portfolios, please visit either my illustrated map website illustratedmaps.info or my general illustration site – abigaildaker.com


One comment

  1. Kathy lewis

    is it possible to buy copies of these maps for framing? I am interested in the map of Tala.
    Kathy Lewis

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