boats 3 copyI find it incredibly hard to write about my work. Partly this is due to the fact that if I found it easier to express myself in words – as opposed to images – then I would be a writer rather than an artist. The main problem, however, is that I find it hard to believe that my thoughts about my work would be of much interest to people and so I don’t spend all that much time considering how to explain my work in coherent English. The reason for this post (which should be viewed very much as a form of note taking on my part) is that as I am fortunate enough to be interviewed about my work from time to time, I feel I should organise my thoughts a little better so as to do a better job with any future answers I might give. Also, my biography needs updating.

I’ve been listening to the Goldberg Variations this week. I particularly like this version. I don’t know a tremendous amount about music, but these pieces intrigue me and the way in which they were composed is fascinating and bears some relation (in my view) to how one might set about composing an abstract painting. Both music and painting are in some way about balancing and contrasting structure and pattern.  I have in mind an idea for a landscape piece which might be based around the visual structure of a piece of music.


I’ve included the sketch above because the idea of balance and contrast is one that I was exploring in here. I rather like the abstract qualities of this scene and how the areas of shade balance out the areas of light.


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